Individual Meals

Our individual meals are packaged as single serves and are designed to be supplied to clients for them to reheat when convenient. They can be provided either chilled or frozen depending on your storage capabilities and can be customised to your client’s requirements.

This product is designed to be purchased in bulk, with 20 individual portions to a carton making storage and transportation easy.

The five week rotating menu includes soup, main meal and dessert and the selection is fantastic and tastes great!

Individual Meals can be altered on an as needs basis depending on your clients requirements to include texture modified, minced moist and pureed, particularly suited to aged care or health industries for those with swallowing difficulties. Our menu can also be modified to meet a wide range of dietary requirements including diabetic, low fat or gluten free to name a few.

Best suited to organisations such as:

Meals on wheels organisations, Retirement villages, Respite centres and Hospitals.