Meals on Wheels

NutriFresh has been supplying Meals on Wheels with meals for over 20 years. Our understanding and knowledge of the service is in depth and provides Meals on Wheels providers with peace of mind in knowing all clients needs will be met through quality, price and service in relation to prepared meals.

NutriFresh provides  a three course frozen meal package that consists of soup, main meal and dessert that are:

  • Freshly prepared
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Cost effective

At NutriFresh we aim to please. Our menu philosophy is based in the following:

  • Menus are designed based on client feedback
  • All texture modified meals are catered for and reflect the menu of the day
  • The menu is provided in consultation with an approved dietitian to ensure a balanced diet that meets industry standards.
  • Menus are changed seasonally, or as required by clients needs and requests.
  • Appropriate menus are provided for traditional days such as Christmas and Easter

When you appoint NutriFresh we will work with you to ensure your move to NutriFresh is smooth and hassle free. From day one we will provide management support to work with your key personnel to ensure that the service and handover run smoothly with minimum impact on your clients.

Contact us now to arrange a quote for your meals on wheels.