NutriFresh has over 25 years experience in providing quality frozen meals to hospitals. Our range of multi portion tray meal solutions have been designed specifically for the hospital market. All our meals have been analysed by Accredited Dietitans and Speech Pathologists to ensure that each product meets all nutritional and special dietary requirements.

All products are provided in half gastronome trays clearly labeled with nutritional information and cooking instruction to ensure optimum results every time. Easy to portion, they only require simple reheating before they are served. Meals include, casseroles, curries, mashed & pureed vegetables and dessert all produced by our team of professional chefs and cooks.

We appreciate how hard it can be to serve nutritious and appealing meals when catering for Dysphagia patients. Our range of individual, frozen puréed food portions correspond to our standard range meaning mealtimes are more pleasurable for everyone regardless of their level of care.

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