Quality Cook Chill Meals with Exceptional Nutritional Value and Taste

From our production kitchen located in Brisbane Queensland, and established in 1986 our experienced team of chefs and cooks plan and prepare in excess of 3 million quality meals and meal components for the aged care, health, hospitality and retail sectors.

Our range includes meals designed for allied health and aged care providers including a full range menu of texture modified solutions for Dysphagia patients.

We continue to expand as demand for prepared meals and meal components suitable for the aged care and allied health sectors increases. We can provide a completely customised meal service catering to the specific dietary requirements of your customers. This also includes providing texture modified, diabetic or coeliac meals or simply a meal that has been cut up, ready for eating. Learn more about us.

NutriFresh also specialises in providing specific tailored solutions to the hospitality and events management sector. Contact us directly to discuss your needs with our product development team.

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Frozen, Pureed Food Portions

An attractive, cost effective solution to catering for residents with swallowing, chewing & digestion problems

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